Is Your Cat A Secret Hoarder? See Common Things Cats Collect!

Is Your Cat A Secret Hoarder? See Common Things Cats Collect!

There’s a new type of hoarder… “Cat Hoarders.”

Have you ever lost something in your home or found something in a place in your home and didn’t know how it got there. Cats can hoard objects just like people do. They can suffer the same emotional problems.

We’ve all seen and read about people who have collected vast amounts of items in their homes. They are often referred to as hoarders. Some people are hoarding animals but there isn’t much information about animals that hoard.

Well there may be a member of your family that doesn’t know they’ve got a problem. For some cats it can be a form of obsessive compulsive disorder and for others it is just part of their everyday routine. See some of the more popular things they like to hoard!

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I have NEVER seen this stuff before. Nope!
The dog doesn't even know I have all his dog toys surrounding my food bowl.
Santa said I could keep them. I am sure that is what he said.
Buddy knew his dirty little secret was out!
Missy tried to act like the hundreds of straws were not hers.
Okay I do have a problem. I love my bottle tops!
I don't know how all these socks got in the attic.
I love my hair ties. ALL MINE!
I have never seen these nerf bullets that were hidden behind the bed.
Josey had to let the family know that Mo had a hoarding problem.
Sissy has a fetish with chapsticks. We just kept buying more since they all would disappear.
I love my milk tops. MINE!
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