Octopus Takes Down A Shark

Octopus Takes Down A Shark

This video shows the interactions of a giant Pacific octopus and shark living within a large aquarium tank together. Initially, the aquarium staff was concerned that the shark posed a threat to the other animals within the tank. One animal they weren’t concerned about being attached by the shark, was the octopus. They knew the octopus could easily protect itself by camouflaging its body, and hiding from the shark if needed.

What they didn’t know, is they needed to be more concerned with the octopus harming the shark than the shark hurting the octopus. Which is exactly what happened.

This video shows the shark hitting the octopus on the head for the last time. The footage provides a play-by-play of the shark literally being taken down by the octopus. Unreal! It just goes to show you bullying can get you in a lot of trouble!

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