Adorable Animal Cupcakes From Instagramer: animalcakes

Adorable Animal Cupcakes From Instagramer: animalcakes

Some people are just extremely talented.

This food designer Amelia on Instagram at animalcakes makes creating cute cupcakes of animals look super easy. NOT! I tried making the penguins cupcakes and they didn’t look close to Amelia’s. Kudos to all the people that have the talent and imagination to create these brilliant pieces of food art.

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animalcupcakes_cc1._0000_penquin animalcupcakes_cc1._0001_sheep animalcupcakes_cc1._0002_pig animalcupcakes_cc1._0003_bee animalcupcakes_cc1._0004_monkey animalcupcakes_cc1._0005_turtle animalcupcakes_cc1._0006_mouse animalcupcakes_cc1._0007_panda animalcupcakes_cc1._0008_frog animalcupcakes_cc1._0009_hive animalcupcakes_cc1._0010_dog

All photos and cupcake creations by: Animal Cakes


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