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This Dad Makes The Most CREATIVE School Lunches For His Kids

“I saw some online moms making fun, creative lunches and thought, ‘Why can’t I do that?” —Beau Coffron (the lunchbox dad)   Beau Coffron is a dad with three kids, a


Magnificent Photographs Of Alcohol Under A Microscope

These beautiful psychedelic photographs are called Bevshots. Pioneered by scientist Michael W. Davidson in 1992, a BevShot is created by crystallizing a beverage, then photographing the crystal under a polarizing

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Adorable Animal Cupcakes From Instagramer: animalcakes

Some people are just extremely talented. This food designer Amelia on Instagram at animalcakes makes creating cute cupcakes of animals look super easy. NOT! I tried making the penguins cupcakes and

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FOOD ART: 19 AMAZING Shaped Animals Made From Fruit

This world is but a canvas to our imagination. —Henry David Thoreau Art is everywhere. In fact, some artists thrive on making art out of food. From a grape peacock to a