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Two Artists Pair Up To Create Some Mind-Bending Art On The Beach

Imagine walking along the beach and suddenly finding what looks like a portal to another dimension. That’s what might happen if you were walking along New Zealand’s Okains Bay. This


Rainbow Mural Transforms This Town Both Visually And Socially

In an amazing attempt at urban renewal a local street art team called, Germen Crew, a youth organization of street artists who use graffiti as a means of activism and

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Adorable Animal Cupcakes From Instagramer: animalcakes

Some people are just extremely talented. This food designer Amelia on Instagram at animalcakes makes creating cute cupcakes of animals look super easy. NOT! I tried making the penguins cupcakes and

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FOOD ART: 19 AMAZING Shaped Animals Made From Fruit

This world is but a canvas to our imagination. —Henry David Thoreau Art is everywhere. In fact, some artists thrive on making art out of food. From a grape peacock to a

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This Is One Crazy Sculpture! See The “Farting Bull” Pinning Bernie Madoff To The Wall

This is a creation from the prolific sculpture Chen Wenling. Chen Wenling is a sculptor who was born in Anxi, a tiny village in the Fujian Province of China. As a