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Animals Funny

When You Know Its Time To Lose A Few Pounds

Poor cat can hardly get through the cat door. Looks like he has a great technique in pushing through. I think his owner might need to help him cut back some.

Funny People

Nick Offerman Is Growing Pizzas On Vines To Raise Awareness For The Heart Association

In an effort to spread awareness on the growing rate of serious health problems in children, the American Heart Association teamed up with comedian Nick Offerman (of “Parks and Recreation”

Animals Funny

Some of the Funniest Cat Pictures On The Web

There are SO many funny animal pictures on the web. Especially pictures of cats. We thought we would create a page dedicated to funny cat pictures. Please send us your

Funny Humor


We saw this funny image on and thought we would share. You can almost hear the laughter in the room and the look of pure horror from the guy when